Roof Leak Repair

Roof leak repair and rainwater tank installation

Roof leak repair and rainwater tanks

It may come as a surprise, but in NSW you need a plumbing licence to perform any sort of plumbing and drainage work to your roof. Roof plumbing covers any of the work involving the flashing or drainage system which collects and disposes of storm water - or any connection of the roof system to storm water drains or storm water tanks.

Roof leaks

Roof leaks usually become apparent after a heavy downpour where the leak becomes visible through the interior roof or from in and around skylights and windows. It is important to have a roof leak fixed as soon as practical as even small leaks may be causing damage with less rainfall without being as visible. Leaking water is also dangerous around electrical wiring, appliances as well as the potential to damage carpets and furniture.

Leaks can appear due to:

Broken and blocked guttering and storm water

Gutters and storm water are a critical part of your roof drainage, allowing water to escape quickly and preventing water from pooling and flooding back into your home. Often the issue is simply blockages in the gutter or downpipes from leaves etc which can be easily cleared. Gutters should be kept clear to prevent blockages but also to prevent water pooling and causing rust and other damage over a longer period of time.

If there is damage to your gutters or roofing we can assess the issues and repair it quickly and efficiently.

Rain water tanks

Looking to install a rainwater tank? We have got you covered. We can recommend, source and install your rainwater tank and connect it to your existing roof drainage system. Correct installation of a rainwater tank involves more than just the plumbing but also installing proper leaf guards and flaps to keep out leaves and insects from your system.

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