Gas Fitting

Commercial and residential gas fitting

Gas Fitting

As a fully qualified and licensed gas fitter, Nathan Hulme Plumbing can provide commercial and residential repair and installation of gas services. Unlicensed gas work is illegal and potentially dangerous.

Gas appliances

We can install and service gas fittings for kitchen appliances such as stove tops, ovens and heaters and outdoor BBQ’s. We can also install LPG gas bottles and required valves and lines if you do not have access to natural gas.

Gas hot water

Instantaneous hot water systems are a popular choice over the more common electric hot water tank. We can install and service instantaneous hot water systems as well as run appropriate gas pipelines around your home or office.

Gas leaks

If you suspect a gas leak it is essential you contact a professional to assess and repair the leak right away. We can test and repair gas leaks in both the home and office.

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