Leaking Toilet

Leaking cistern and toilet bowl

Leaking Toilet

The obvious signs of a leaking toilet are the constant trickle of water coming from the cistern or water pooling around the base of the toilet. A leak from the cistern will also leave a stain in the back of the toilet bowl if left long enough. It is important to repair external leaks quickly as water can make its way into the walls or floors and damage structural beams that may be costly to correct later.

A toilet will begin to leak for a number of reasons including:

Leaking toilets are generally easy to fix with the right tools and expertise. This may include a replacement of the flush components in the cistern or a replacement of seals between the cistern and bowl and around the bolts.In some cases where there is damage to the cistern or bowl itself from hairline cracks we will need to replace the entire toilet.

Once we have inspected the toilet and established the cause of the leak we can advise you on the best course of action to repair your toilet leak.

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